The GiGA Group plans to become the leading company that provides state-of-the art technological solutions, integrated production systems and safe and quality products to countries, corporate bodies and consumer populations in developing regions with focus on Africa.  As the future of global economic growth is now reposed in Africa and other developing countries, sourcing state-of-the art technological solutions they need for their long-term development is set to grow into multi-billion dollar business.  Accessing and assessing the technologies will however be a major challenge even as all are certain that the buoyancy of the markets is undeniable.  The GiGA Group plans to work with global corporations such as DOW Chemicals, Monsanto and Technoserve. The GiGA Group takes off with the vision to fill the technology-sourcing gap.  Making its initial debut in Nigeria in 2013, the GiGA Group aspires to become a great base for exploring fantastic opportunities in these developing countries and expanding its services to many areas of diverse attraction.  With problems in these countries, the GiGA Group sees opportunities.  For the GiGA Group, putting up an easy front where great solutions are easily available to all is the right move.