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 Press Release 

The GiGA Group  demonstrates a high-tech safety and surveillance system - the "Hellfire SkyHawk System", on the newly rebuilt Port   Harcourt - Makurdi Pipeline for IPMAN Eastern Zone, Nigeria

"You can try but you can no longer hide - no escape",

IPMAN Chairman, Eastern Zone.

Pipeline vandals and oil thieves 'Beware', IPMAN Zonal Office has a new total system - by all means high-tech and has been nicknamed "Hellfire SkyHawk" (HFSH) for many reasons.  It is airborne 24 hours, invincible, stealth, can detect and inspect bunkering activities at an odd area, and gets anyone, anywhere, anytime. The demonstrated unit is quite scary and looks more like the end-of-time space killer-weapon (below).

At the demonstration session of the new security system for the Port Harcourt - Makurdi pipeline systems that was recently restored by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC), the message of determination and abundant force was clear.    Attending the demo were the members of the Nigerian 82 Army Division, the Police Commissioner of EnuguState, the Head of Civil Defense Enugu and high level delegation from the Governor's Office.  As the Chairman Eastern Zone later described it, "anyone that challenges the system is sure to turn into meat and dust.  You can try but you cannot hide - no escape".

Another observer puts it simply, "when the 'Hellfire SkyHawk system' enters the game, it ends".   The system is a stealth and mobile tracking device, virtually invisible at an altitude of approximately 150 meters and able to approach potential hostile objects and overfly a hostile theater many times without being detected.

The demonstrated unit is part of the integrated 'Hellfire SkyHawk system' that provides a high precision global positioning system (GPS) patrol and surveillance support.  The system has a total solution for a broad range of external inspection, monitoring, surveillance and reconnaissance tasks.

            - Its works with a live and recorded video tracking that improves the foundation for decision making in a hostile operation theater/field through real time intelligence collection.  Unlike helicopters that can be easily detected through sound and noise alone, from at least 5KM and therefore evaded, the system comes unnoticed. 

            -  The recording system has dual cameras that enable an easy switching between thermal and daylight tracking of hostile and absolutely normal objects on the go, optimizing the operation time.

            - The thermal camera on-board recording system enables night time reconnaissance and prevents easy escape of threatening individuals during darkness, to the forests and wet swamps. 

            -  The system is able to detect events in a hostile theater and under normal conditions from a stationary point, slow motion (as slow as two kilometers an hour) or mobile high-speed tracking, at any point in time and anywhere. 

            -  It is fit for, and has been used in a multiple military operations around the world and had been tested against targeted enemy fire - proving invincible.  The ordinary crude weapons that can easily bring down helicopters and cause casualties are not useful against the HFSH integrated system.

            -  The greatest advantage in the Nigerian terrain and the hostile theater of the oil and gas production areas of the Niger Delta is its ability to get airborne at the least difficulty and operate freely of the Nigerian national electricity supply system, which sometimes operate at less than optimal level.  It beats stationary electronic sensors that work at zero capacity without the notoriously off and on national electricity system which could be off for days in a row.  The system does not depend on independent units such as the solar power that are easily disabled or often stolen, rendering the sensors inactive. Elements of the integrated HFSH can be launched from kilometers away and fitted with parts to detect petrol leakages or petrol-based activities at an odd area.

            -  The recordings of the system are tamper proof as they can be monitored from multiple observation live posts while the system black box maintains its own autonomous recordings that are subject to review on the completion of the monitoring and surveillance mission.


The primary system unit has a vertical take-off and landing system (VTOL) and expands the range of operational theater where the units can be inserted.  The VTOL capability also enables its primary unit to hover in the air around a potentially or existing hostile object, as close as 40 cm from the ground.

At the end, the weaknesses of the existing safety and security systems pose a problem to the issue of resolving the safety and security problems in Nigeria.  The escalation of the direct cost to the tune of $12 billion and beyond is certain to shake the foundation of the Nigeria economic potential.  Being alert today will certainly save costs and lives in the near future.  The GIGA system is an all inclusive instrument that serves to retool the input to the war against vandalism and oil theft.  The 'Hellfire Hawk System' is a timely gift that Nigeria could give to the investors and its citizens.  It works with trail blazing efficiency for monitoring, surveillance and intelligence collection.  The system is designed to approach targets in a precise and silent way to avoid detection.  At the fraction of a similar, but less efficient tool, such as the helicopters, the "Hellfire Hawk" brings capacity that will help stem growing instability and colossal losses to the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.